Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Today we had our first ‘last session’. We began with a warm-up, a group drawing, similar to the first activity the girls did in the first session. However, this time we played music and suggested that the girls illustrate the feelings the different kinds of music evoke in them. This was done with chalk and charcoal on large sheets of brown paper.

In the introduction to the following activity we reviewed the themes (what is important to you, clay animal and a place for the animal to live in) from the previous sessions and asked the girls to draw a self-portrait in charcoal. We stressed that the drawing does not need to be realistic, “real looking”, but rather express how they see themselves. The task seemed to be important for the girls and the group worked in silence without interruptions until the time was up. The resulting works were created in individual styles and represented for instance the girls’ personal goals, dreams and day-to-day life.

While sharing the pictures we felt that the group interaction had become more relaxed and lively. The girls were more willing to engage in sharing their thoughts relating to their and other’s images. Furthermore, even some jokes were passed.

We are excited to see how the remaining four groups will respond to these tasks.

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