Sunday, 1 August 2010


As planned, Art Club would end with a final exhibition. The Headmistress Maristella and Mama Christina agreed that the student exhibition could be arranged in the classroom where we met for the workshops. Donors, sponsors of our project, and other friends of Bethsaida were invited.

Before setting any works up the exhibition space needed a thorough cleaning. Mama Christina, Marie, Manu, Joyce and Joseph pleasantly surprised us by doing the massive chore while we were still enjoying our breakfast the day before the opening. However, preparing the show took us all day. Due to the huge amount of art works we were forced to choose only a part to be exhibited. Nevertheless, we made sure that each girl participated with at least two pieces, one sculpture and one drawing.

When everything was in place we were amazed to see the space, now entirely emptied of clutter and filled by the powerful art works created by the girls.

The following day, we had an opportunity to further experience the collection of pictures while waiting for the first guests to arrive. Although we only received a handful of guests (most likely due to the day and remote location of Bethsaida) we felt that the exhibition offered a meaningful experience for the girls who saw their art works hanging in a designated space, being looked at, and appreciated by others. Out of the whole exhibition, it seemed that the self-portraits carried a particular importance for the girls and evoked the most attention. A few girls came to us and expressed their disappointment when they did not find their self-portraits in the show. However, the young artists were eager to tell their peers and guests about their exhibited works and the experience of participating in the workshops.

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